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Editorial policy of our website

Who are we?

This website belongs to the Research Center of Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DİSK-AR). The link of this website is Our website is a seperate website in Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey (DİSK)’s website domain name “”.

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Content policy of the website

Our website declares that it accepts to abide by the principles of scientific research and publication in the content of the publication. Signed texts on our website and the content of third parties reflect the opinions of those concerned. The content on this site does not imply the corporate view and attitude of DİSK. Our website has editorial autonomy.

The purpose of the website and its contents

This website includes researches and publications conducted by DİSK-AR and DİSK affiliated unions, various labour research conducted by third parties and public data produced by various organizations.

This site is non-commercial and does not contain advertising for commercial purposes, except for information and logo / emblem linked to content provided by third parties.

Use of the site content

Unless otherwise stated, researches, publications, articles and contents on the site belong to DİSK-AR. Site contents can be used by providing reference for DİSK-AR and the site. The content of the site cannot be reproduced and republished for commercial purposes, except for citations, news and comments. Content belonging to third parties is published and / or cited by linking to the relevant website, if it is possible.

Content management

The application design of the site was made by the DİSK-AR team on a WordPress theme. Site management and content provision are carried out by the DİSK-AR team.

Personal data

Information transmitted by visitors’ comments and through contact forms are reserved and cannot be used for anyting without the visitor’s permission.

Visitors’ information is not shared with third parties in any way and purpose.

Site design application and publication content

The design and contents of this site is prepared by the DİSK-AR team.